Moreau Park

We’d been trying to find another park, and after becoming hopelessly turned around, and with the little people becoming restless in the back seat, we stumbled across this one.

Relieved, we all jumped out of the car and they RACED up the path to see who could claim the double ride-on dinosaur as their own.
“THERE ARE TWO SPOTS TO SIT!!!” UPDATE 2017: The purple dinosaur has been replaced by a new red (single person) dino.
After some shrieking from the smallest (sorry neighbours!), they set off to explore the park. This playground has an interesting climber from GameTime. It’s an all-in-one with a small part for toddlers with stairs, a little platform and a slide. Bigger kids can then monkey ring across to the larger section where there are different platforms with tic-tac-toe, a fruit/numbers game, metal bars to climb up and down and a tunnel slide. The little one was able to get up this part on his own, but smaller kids will need a boost.

There are a couple of baby and big swings, a strange stand-on spinner, a couple of metal spring riders (frog and duck) and the very popular dinosaur. 
Not a ton of shade here except for around the edges where there are some trees, but the playground itself is mostly sun. 

Fenced all around but with an open gate. All the equipment is on sand with a little greenspace in the back. 

Toddler park (2-5)
Fenced toddler park
Baby swings
Big kid park (5-12)
Big kid swings
Parking lot
Street parking
Water fountain
Picnic tables
Seasonal Bathrooms
Green space
Soccer fields
Baseball field
Tennis courts
Splash pad
Reduced mobility swings
Dep nearby

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