Syrah Park

This was our second try at this park as the first time it had been filled with a couple of daycare groups, which made taking pictures pretty impossible. 
We all really liked this park, except for one big omission: Shade
Once again, this is a playground that was placed in a previously clear cut area, so besides the recently planted saplings, there is NO shade. It’s going to be a doozy on a sunny day. 
Luckily for us, it was overcast when we visited, so we didn’t roast and could take our time. Both kids had a blast on the two climbers by Miracle Recreation. 
Everything is very new and shiny and impressive, and both climbers are on wood chips. And as I had both kiddos with me, it was great that both climbers are close together. I even got to sit down for 3.7 seconds!

The large climber is tall. Very tall. I went up and felt a little dizzy. 
My big guy was able to scale the various ways up like the Uphill Climber and the Fossil Bluff Climber to reach the first slide, or to cross the bridge and get to the very high 855° Typhoon twirly slide. He also loved the Monkey Vines swinging footholds. The only thing he couldn’t do was the monkey bars, as they’re placed way up out of reach. 
The toddler climber is also impressive. It has stairs, a Honeycomb Climber, Rock-climbing wall, and a wide chain ladder. Once they’re on the top there’s a safe bridge to cross, a steering wheel, tic-tac-toe wall, and a couple more stairs to a small Typhoon slide. Great fun! If yours has some trepidation, they should be happy with just the stairs and smaller slide; and toddlers looking for a bit more adventure will gain some confidence on the bridge and slide. 

There are also a couple of great ride-ons (Lucky the Ladybug and Pokey the Snail), and a small spot with sand and a shovel. 
There are a couple of benches scattered around, and 2 big and 2 baby swings. 

While we played for quite a while as the climbers are amazing, this isn’t the kind of cozy park you could stay at for a few hours. But, with kids of different ages, it was ideal. 

***The playground is fully fenced but with an open gate.

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