Irving-Singerman Park

Soooooo cute!

We love seeing new-to-us equipment, simply because we see the same things over and over again. This tidy little playground has a great toddler play structure AND a challenging and interesting structure for older kids. And they’re within eyesight of each other making it easy (ahem, easier) if you have children in both parts. 

The toddler climber from Husson is one we’ve never seen before and was just delightful. I mean, what’s cuter than a little table and seats with nearby mail slots and spots to chat with your friends. It might be a bit tricky for the smallest kids to get up to the slides and walkway as there’s only an open ladder or the ropes to climb, but give them a little hoist (it’s not TOO high) and they’ll love toddling at the top. In the surrounding sand are two baby swings and the always popular Bumblebee spring rider.

Just across the path is the treehouse-themed climber from Miracle Recreation with slides of all kinds, climbing walls, overhead ladders, the timber climber with all its critters to find, and treasure maps and camping gear adorning the walls of the treehouse. 
Nearby are adult swings as well as quite a few picnic tables. 
Like all other parks in CSL, the chalet was unlocked when we visited (in early October) with clean bathrooms and a drinking fountain. There are no posted hours, but whenever we’ve played at a park in this city, the bathrooms have been open, even early mornings on the weekends. 
On the other side of the chalet are a couple of basketball courts. The field nearby is for use by permit holders only. 

Things to note:
-Parking is available on the surrounding streets.
-The playground is fenced along the road but no gates. It’s open to the rest of the park. 
-There was some shade when we were there. 
-Everything is on sand. 
-Lots of benches and picnic tables!

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