François-Perrault Park

There’s a lot going on at this large park. And not being from the area, I don’t know them all! (you can comment on this post if you do 🙂 )
The borough’s park page is pretty sparse, so I just don’t know!
Some things include the Été-O-Parc with activities for kids, arts and cultural events (my friend played a jazz concert here!), awesome mini soccer fields, a time capsule(!), tennis courts and a pool, the Marché Solidaire Saint-Michel, the refrigerated Bleu Blanc Bouge ice rink, and you can learn about history of the area HERE

Whew. And I’m sure that’s not all!

Onto the playground, because that’s the stuff we DO know about.
There’s a huge play structure here for older kids with multiple slides, all sorts of climbing stuff, ladders, the stupid bongo bridge I loathe (it’s the only thing I’ve almost seriously hurt myself on), and a whack of swings nearby. 
Just past the ornamental fencing is the toddler area (on sand) with baby swings, the awesome Expression tandem swing, a little play house, and a super cute play structure. This one has a new-to-us mountain/stairs climber (so cool!), a slanted ABC ramp, and four slides. Nearby are two toddler-sized picnic tables. 

Things to note:
-The playgrounds are minimally fenced, but it’s all near the interior of the park. 
-We visited in the fall, so it’s hard to tell about shade over the play areas,  and the pool and chalet were closed. In the summer you should have access to the washrooms inside. 
-You can find more about the various sports available at this park at THIS LINK

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