Giovannina-di Tomasso Park

This new-in-2018 little park is a stunner. 
With great equipment from Jambette, it has great landscaping, and TONS of play value in the small space. 

Little kids 0-2 will be delighted with the teepee (which is also nicely shaded), the Jeep is always a hit with my kids and they shriek over who gets to drive next, even though there ARE two steering wheels, there are some great climbers, a drum stand, a hugemongous fly(?) climber, and another play structure that is just covered with interesting things to read (in french, english, and spanish), spots to sit, and tons to climb on and cross. 

So delightful!

You’ll also find shaded picnic tables, a drinking fountain, lounge chairs, and bench seating surrounding some of the play areas. The park is so nicely shaded from the surrounding trees that I had a HECK of a time taking photos with the bright morning sun, and the dark shade. Gah. 

Things to note:
-The park is fenced but has NO gates, and everything is fairly close to the road. I would have been super thrilled if there were also latching gates beside the beautiful custom fencing.
-Everything is on sand. 
-This park is so new that Google Maps still doesn’t even have it marked. 
If you put 8000 Rue de Normanville into the GPS, you’ll get there, and the map and directions below are correct!
Or, it is on the corner of Normanville and Tillemont (if you know the area.) 


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