Prescott, Ontario – Sandra S. Lawn Harbour Park

After leaving Lake Ontario Park in Kingston, we continued East along highway 2 until we reached the town of Prescott. Going off a tip I’d received about a great new play structure (Thanks Diane!), we tried google-mapping the park without any success. I knew it was along the river, but when we stopped at Centennial Park it wasn’t the right one. 
So we continued through the town to its eastern limit, pulled into a parking lot just past the harbour to check the map again, and….tada, There was the boat-shaped play structure in the distance. Phew!
The harbour is postcard perfect. It was a beautiful sunny autumn day and the water sparkled, the trees twinkled, and the entire waterfront here was just stunning. 
We walked along the boardwalk past the fairly empty harbour, marvelled at the crystal clear water, walked past the lighthouse and amphitheatre, and then came across the super cute boat play structure by Playcraft Systems. It is shiny and new and fits so perfectly with the location. 
I like that it is for all ages and both my boys had fun. The little one was able to climb the stairs, while the older one scaled the ladders. There are portholes and periscopes, climbing walls and slides. Up on deck are tic-tac-toe and matching games and the game that we found the most entertaining was the ground level “spin the wheel”, and then the symbols are hidden throughout the boat. 
The base here is pebbles, so it’s really not accessible for everyone and there is no fencing at all. Also, no shade. 
In the adjoining waterfront park are benches and picnic tables, a cannon(!), a huge anchor and educational signs. 
There was also one porta-pottie just beside the parking lot. 

After playing some more, we walked past the boats, the boys put on a show in the amphitheatre stage, and then we walked a ways down the path along the river. Stunning. 

If we come back again I’d love to take the boys to Fort Wellington which was just about 30 seconds down highway 2.


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