Joseph-Robin Park

I saw this park on Google Streetview a while back, and got super excited because it had the elusive only-seen-once-in-800-parks Playworld pony merry-go-round. 
But, alas, it was not at the park anymore when we visited (replaced with a large flat spinner.)
BUT, no worries! This playground was still fun, colourful, and full of interesting and whimsical equipment. 

The park isn’t huge, but it holds a bunch of picnic tables and benches, a teensy greenspace, adult and baby swings, and a couple of GREAT play structures. It’s all fairly close together, and the park is fenced, but there are NO gates, with very busy streets all around. 

In the 5-12 years section are six adult swings, and an elborate Dr. Seuss-looking climber with ropes, bridges, ladders, weird rings to crawl through, pods to hop across, and a winding staircase up to the tall slides. 
Across the path is the toddler area with another cute climber that has (steep) stairs, slides, a rock climbing wall, tic-tac-toe panel, and at ground level is a crawl tube and ledges and windows with doodads to touch and turn. 
Nearby are the baby swings and there’s supposed to be a tandem parent-baby swing, but there was an empty space where it should have been. I’m marking it as a “yes” for that swing though because I suspect it will be reinstalled at some point. 

This park is cute, flows well, and is good for a variety of ages. I just wish there were gates to the road. 

Things to note:
-The big kid section is on wood chips, while the toddler area is sand.
-Parking is a bit of a pain, just read the signs carefully.

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