Sainte-Yvette Park

The 5-year old would not leave. So ya, it was a fun park 🙂

This pirate-y themed park, complete with FIVE shark spring riders (insert shrieks of pretend terror here), was an absolute delight. 
The toddler side is fairly new, with a lovely ground-level “ship” complete with a giant steering wheel, tall sails and cannons. There are steps to jump across, and a little pirate lookout complete with a mini hammock. Nearby is a tall play structure with a fun “rocky” climber, slides, a telescope (“pirates ahead!”), and a ground-level steering wheel panel. 
There are also baby swings and the new Family Swing that can hold up to five people (2 babies). 
Past the two mini picnic tables is the older big-kid area which has adult swings, and a play structure with ladders and slides. And then there’s more! We almost missed this, but tucked in the back of the park, under the pine trees is another small area with some ladders and an old-school hang-on zipline. 

There are picnic tables and benches throughout the park, as well as cool boulders to climb and sit on. There was some shade over parts of the play areas when we visited at around 9:30am.

Make sure to look around the rest of the park to find the X marks the spot!

Things to note:
-The wading pool hours are everyday from 10am-7pm.
-There is some fencing around the park, but it’s basically open. 
-All the playgrounds are on sand. 
-The chalet has bathrooms, which were open when we were there around 9am, but I didn’t see any posted hours.
-This park also has bocce/pĂ©tanque courts, with picnic tables nearby, and a basketball net (though not an actual court).

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