Hélène-Legault Park

It was such a hot morning all I wanted was a park by the water. We were happy to find this one with two climbers, a great view, and a breeze.

We parked on the street, walked over the little hill and “awwwwwww”, the climber was like a boat! A boat needing a bit of repairs, but cute to have with the river in the background.
This older climber from Landscape Structures didn’t have any stairs, but the little guy was able to climb the ladder and have a slide race with me. There’s a steering wheel, and a realllllllly broken activity wall
We then walked down to the shore, past a picnic area, and sat and threw stones in the water. There’s not a smooth path to the water, but it’s just a couple of feet over some big-ish rocks. We were hoping for ducks, but instead we were treated to a heron!
After sitting here a bit, we went and played on the other climber. While the first one didn’t have stairs, this one did. There are multiple slides, a steering wheel, a tunnel and a baseball themed tic-tac-toe wall. 

This park was quiet, relaxing and just what we needed after a busy morning of park exploring. 
My only complaint would be that it needs some serious gardening/weeding. It seems that Pierrefonds did some work here years ago planting perennials and landscaping, and then hasn’t come back since. 

***Everything is on sand, and there is no fencing.

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Fenced toddler park
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Big kid park (5-12)
Big kid swings
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