Jean-Brillant Park

Woops! We visited this park last fall and I forgot to ever post it. 
So here it is.
This was an interesting 2-in-1 climber. Basically a toddler and big-kid climber together, which is great if you have kids of different ages who want to go on different things. 
The small part has stairs, a couple of fun slides, interesting ladders, and then to connect it to the big part is a wall of ladder rungs.
The big climber is challenging. And too much for me!
Daredevil kids will enjoy the rock climbing wall, the really high ladder rungs (gulp), the monkey bars and the bridge to the slide. 

In the rest of the playground is a ride-on and a couple of baby and big swings. 

This park was ok. I liked that we could all play together, but besides the climber the playground was rather dismal. Maybe some landscaping, more equipment, fencing? might help. 
*Everything is on sand, and it is all very close to the road. 

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