Labrosse Park

Our old stomping grounds!
After striking out at FOUR parks (one under construction, one just a greenspace, one with the grass being cut, and one that was a school’s field!), we stopped, sat down with Google Maps, and found this one. I guess I never knew about it when I lived around here because it was BK (Before Kids) 🙂

Safely fenced and gated and down a short path, you’ll find two climbers by Landscape Structures, benches, and swings. There’s nothing, like “woohoo!” here, but I liked that it was quiet and kids of all ages would be able to play close together in the same area. 
The toddler climber has stairs, multiple slides, and a window from which to yell at your mom.
The larger climber has a neat climbing wall and rope, sky wheels from which to swing, monkey bars, and high slides. Impossible for the little ones but challenging enough for bigger kids. 
Couple of baby and big swings and there you have it. Everything is contained in the same area so you can watch kids on both play structures. 
The sand could use some weeding or roto-tilling, but the grass had been recently cut. 

NOTE: I put that this park is fully fenced in the “tags”, but not as a fully fenced toddler park, as it’s the WHOLE thing that is fenced and gated. I hope that makes sense?

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