À-Ma-Baie Park

I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry when I saw the duct tape holding parts of the spiderweb climber together. I compromised and grimaced. 

This was our second time trying to visit this park, with our first attempt being almost a year ago. Before my *DING!* moment of “Why don’t I use Google Satellite to find the playgrounds” I had gone down the wrong road and only seen a soccer field. 
Sooooo, you need to go up Rue Pierre Lauzon to access the playground easily. You’ll see it right beside École du Harfang-des-Neiges.

This is definitely a Pierrefonds city park, but it’s pretty much in the school playground and must be covered in children during recess and before/after school. Walk up past the big and baby swings, then around the tennis court and you get to the pretty cool play area (on rubber base). It’s clean and bright, but also realllllly sunny and hot. 
There is lots to do all in the same area. There’s a climber with stairs, slides, and ladders. Another modern climber by GameTime with two walls to climb (the Oval and the Rock Climbing Wall), interesting rings to climb, sky wheels, and one of those “falling off the side not-a-slide slides”. 

You’ll also find another metal-rung climber, a Sky Runner to hang onto and spin, the Cosmix Arch wall climber, a teeter-totter, and a tightrope
And then there’s the VERY well-used spiderweb climber. We stayed only on the bottom ropes and I thought it might give at any moment. 
Sadly, this is going to have to be replaced soon as besides the duct tape, the metal is showing through all the ropes. (I sent an email to Pierrefonds to let them know about the rope climber)

I’m glad we finally made it here, but some of Pierrefonds’ other “rubber base” parks are more interesting and user-friendly. 

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