Dorval Arena Park

This teensy little park just underwent a facelift in June 2021 and now has a really fun section that is accessible and inclusive. You’ll find musical instruments where you can do a duet, a really bouncy trampoline (that yes, can also accommodate wheelchairs!), and an inclusive merry-go-round. In the adjoining section that’s on wood chips there’s a metal balance beam and a new-in-2019 rotating rope climber from Dynamo which both kids loved. 

It’s not large by any means, BUT, the little playground is actually near some other attractions such as the beach volleyball court, a permanent ping-pong table, the Dorval Municipal Tennis Club, the ok-ish Sarto-Desnoyers Community Centre skatepark (right on Dawson Avenue), the Trekfit outdoor fitness area, the Peter B. Yeomans Cultural Centre and library with its beautiful gardens and pond, and the Peace Park Arboretum where you can wander around looking at all the various species of trees. 

Things to note:
– There’s no fencing, and it’s close to the parking lot. 
– There’s a TON of room to park in the large lot. 
– You *may* be able to use the pool’s bathroom (when it’s not a global pandemic).

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