Yuile Park

Success on attempt number 3!
We’d tried a couple of weeks ago to make our way to this park but gave up after seeing the state of the construction on Rue Apple Blossom. 
Tried again. Same street, same problem. 
Coming out of my mom fog for a moment, I had the brilliant idea, to TRY A DIFFERENT ROUTE. This is a huge park with the playground on one end, we were able to access it by Rue Yuile and Rue Chickalo. There are other streets you could park on but then you’re going to have a heck of a sore back from carting the kids 1/2 a mile.

This playground has a LOT of equipment. It’s all in the same general area and all on sand. There are the usual baby and big kid swings, a geodesic metal climber, one of those rope turning/climbing baskets that Pierrefonds loves, the Wavy Wedge Wall Walker Climber (try saying that 10 times fast), a large toddler climber from Miracle Recreation and a new big-kid climber from Quebec-based Jambette

The toddler structure is pretty good. Although there are no stairs to get up to the first platform, it was fairly easy for my 2.5 year old to get up the little ladder and the Tot Rock bumpy climber. There’s a ground level door and window; and above is a double steering wheel panel, animal tic-tac-toe wall, then some stairs to a great twirly slide. Overlooking the hill and biiiiiig field, there are a couple of baby swings and a really high off the ground ATV spring rider

Just past a couple of trees is the larger climber. Lots of interesting and creative ways to get up including a cable ladder and rock climbing wall. Not little-kid friendly but older ones will have a blast. There is an easier-to-access ladder up to the slide but the rest of it requires some balance and climbing skills. 

The highlight of our visit was watching a dump truck actually DUMPING ROCKS! My guy was SO enthralled that a lovely string of drool dripped slowly down to his shirt as he stood stock still for 5 whole minutes, staring in awe. 

We didn’t have a chance to explore the rest of the park, but there are paved paths that seemed very popular with dog walkers, as well as some wooded areas. And if you’re looking to work out, 8 outdoor gym stations from TrekFit were installed in the woods in 2013. You can read about that HERE. We’re going to have to come back a second time to see the rest! If you want to have a look at the equipment, check out Trekfit’s gallery (just scroll down to Yuile)

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