Le Boutilier Park

It always seems to be gloomy or raining whenever we’re in Laval. 
But no matter! This park was clean, bright, and cheery despite the dampness. 

This is actually a much bigger park than what we saw, BUT we stuck to the playground and didn’t venture up the road to the tennis courts (which seems to be the only thing at the other end.)
Just a couple of years old, the equipment is colourful and has should appeal to different ages. There’s the neat Kompan climber with stairs (yeah!), a climbing wall, slide, and monkey bars. Nearby are little pods to jump across and a wiggly balance beam.
There’s also the cheery climber for kids 18 months-5 years that doesn’t have stairs, but instead there’s the neat bumpy climber that’s easy enough to crawl up, giant rings to walk through, a bridge, slides, and rope ladders. In the sand below is a single and a triple spring rider. 

Things to note:
-It will be blazing hot here when it’s sunny. There is no shade. 
-I didn’t notice a picnic table. And wait, NO SWINGS!
-In winter there’s a small sledding hill behind the playground. 
-The park is fenced along the road, but not gated.
-We parked on the street at the intersections of Jacques Plante and Bertin and walked up the path )which is right beside a park sign and a daycare).

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