Mint-Honey Fruit Salad

On our last (hungover) day in NYC four years ago, we stumbled out of the GORGEOUS Bowery Hotel and into this cute little bistro.
The husband had the “Best 20$ granola EVAH!” and I had….something that tasted like heaven. It tasted so good I thought there was no way I could recreate it at home. I was wrong. Here we go!
Doesn’t come with the oh-so-cool NY feel, but it’s tasty and healthy and the little one lurves it. While trying to find the name of that cute bistro I saw that the building has been sold and it is closed.

The ingredients:

Mix of berries
halved grapes
REALLY, whatever kind of fruit you want to put in. (I like papaya, mango, pineapple, honeydew…)
some warm honey
fresh mint or if you don’t have any, dried
A teeny pinch of cinnamon

Mix all the fruit together, drizzled on the honey and add in the mint and cinnamon. That’s it. Sooooooooo good.

I sometimes put this on top of plain greek yogurt with some granola and bring it in a thermos to the pool or on picnics.

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