Trenholme Park

I initially visited here this spring, but the wading pool wasn’t completed, and there was still a bit of snow in the playgrounds, so we waited a while, and were rewarded with a beautiful summer morning where the trees were full of leaves and the water in the little pool sparkled. 

We were here early. REALLY early. Like 7:30am because I knew that this park gets busy later on.
And we had the whole place to ourselves. Unfortunately, the wading pool didn’t open until hours later, but (through the fence) I managed to get some photos of the pool, and chalet area.
This is not really a splash pad, but does have some of the equipment you might find at one. There is a trio of dumping buckets, and an umbrella of water. Little ones should like the beach entry. Because there’s standing water, the wading pool is fully fenced and gated and only open when lifeguards are present, so it has shorter hours and schedule than you find at splash pads. I’ve put the link below for dates and hours.
Within the beautiful new chalet is a family changing room/washroom and lockers to store your stuff. I forgot to look but I think you need your own lock. 

The wading pool is between the two play areas, though I wouldn’t necessarily feel comfortable having kids in the different sections. 

There is a huge play structure for older kids which my 10-year old really liked, and also found quite challenging. Rope to climb, high slides, spinners, and a rock climbing wall. In the surrounding wood chips are a couple of saddle seat spinners, a stand-up seesaw, cable climber, adult swings, and a really high-off-the-ground adaptive swing (no harness). I’m not sure if it was realllly high, or that the wood chips below have compacted too much. There are bare patches and the landscape fabric is showing through so it probably needs a dump truck of chips brought in. 

Trot through the central courtyard and there’s the toddler area. This is all on sand, is large, fully fenced, but not gated. There’s a nice little play structure with easy stairs, slides, a steering wheel, and blocks to climb. You’ll also find a bowl spinner, a small rock climbing strip, boulders (always fun), a triple-kid bouncer, and big and baby swings. There was some nice shade here early in the morning. 

The rest of this park has playing fields, paths, green space, an outdoor ping pong table, and a dog park up by Sherbrooke Street.

Things to note:
-Both playgrounds are on sand.
-The toddler area is fully fenced, but does not have locking gates.
-The wading pool is for children 10 and under. According to the city’s website, the wading pool should be open daily from 11:00 am-7 pm. You can find the dates for 2022 HERE.
-There are benches and picnic tables near the playgrounds, including some that are wheelchair accessible. 
-If the pool chalet isn’t open, there was a porta-potty nearish the big-kid playground. 

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