de la Confédération Park

Yes. Yes, yes, yes.

We visited this park last summer, and then read almost immediately after that the toddler section was going to redone. To an INCLUSIVE playground!
On a tour of NDG the other week with my big kid, we took a chance and came by, and the park was already open, with just some landscaping left to be done. 

If you’re looking for a park that’s accessible, inclusive, and FUN (very, very rare in Montreal), this will check all those boxes.
On a super bouncy carpeted base, the equipment here are some that we’ve only seen in catalogues, and that I’ve been dying to find in real life!
There’s the Roller Table™ where kids can pull themselves along, the We-saw™ seesaw with its cozy molded seats (and where mine surfed in the middle), a tall twirly slide, the spinning Cozy Cocoon, little stations with chimes, gears, and a steering wheel, the wobbly ramp (great for PT!), a neat cube to crawl through and climb, TWO accessible sand shovels, and the VERY fun Ten Spin which both my kids LOVE. 
But wait, there’s more! You’ll also find a saucer swing, baby swings, and a 5-point harness adaptive swing. 
It’s all colourful, different, and incredibly fun. And most importantly, ALL kids, of ALL abilities can play here together. 
When you need a snack, under the new shade structure are a couple of wheelchair-accessible picnic tables. 
Note that the park is fully fenced, but there is NO gate at the entrance. When we visited, there was still some temporary fencing up separating the toddler and big-kid area, but it doesn’t seem like any permanent fencing will be installed between the two areas.

The big-kid area is on a wood chip base and has a large play structure for older kids with plenty of ways to hang and climb. There’s the Bongo bridge which is always nice and dangerous (and the only thing I’ve ever hurt myself on), ladders, rungs, overhead hand sliders, steps, and cool steep slides. Nearby are adult swings, an adaptive swing (no harness), and some stand-up spinners. Unfortunately some twits have spray painted some
lively words on some of the equipment, so hopefully that gets erased soon.

Things to note:
-Completely fenced, but with a wide opening near the centre of the park, the toddler and big kid areas are quite near each other with excellent sight lines. 
-The park to the north of Avenue Fielding has a football field and running track, as well as a dog run which you can find info and rules for HERE
-There is a pool and lovely looking splash pad at the corner of Kensington and Biermans, you can get all the info on the city’s website HERE or call 514 872-1125 .
-The four-season outdoor, multi-sport rink at this park is one of the refrigerated rinks of the Bleu Blanc Bouge program, run by the Montreal Canadiens Children’s Foundation. You can read more about it HERE and HERE.
-If you JUST want to see the playground it’s on the corner of West Hill and Fielding. Street parking is available on surrounding streets. 
-There is a chalet nearish the playground, but it wasn’t open the two times we visited this park 🙁
-Street parking is available nearby, or try the parking lot of the Doug-Harvey Arena (off of Biermans). I didn’t see any signs that said I couldn’t park there…

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