Morgan Park

The little one and I were feeling pretty craptastic, but it was SUCH a beautiful day out that I figured some sunshine would help us both. 
We’d driven by this park a few times, but had never had time to stop. 
So we packed up some fruit, water, and a whole lot of Kleenex and after a quick Tim Horton’s stop, arrived at the park. There seemed to be only street parking, and just on one side, so I pulled into this little gravel spot beside a garbage can. It’s probably for city employees, but hey, we needed a break that day. 

After dividing the Timbits “Let’s do this evenly. Two for you because you’re short, and eight for mommy. Perfect.”, we ran across the huge field to the park in the back. 
I knew that there was a firetruck climber here, but I didn’t know it was HUGE! Really, if you have a firetruck loving little person they’re going to be thrilled. 
*Warning: There are NO firemen here, much to my dismay. But you can get a fix at Montreal’s annual Fire station Open House Day in early May. 

The firetruck climber by Little Tikes Commercial is geared towards toddlers, with a steering wheel, perfect stairs up to the twirly ladder, a wall panel matching game, seats, and a “secret” wheel to hear a fire bell!
The rest of the playground features some knock-out-your-teeth teeter-totters, big and baby swings, and one of those infinity climbers that I’ve never seen any child using. 

Seriously though, those teeter-totters are the worst. If I put the little guy one side, I couldn’t get on the other without him being about 5 feet in the air. So I did some upper arm exercises and pumped him up and down that way. 
On our way back to the car he picked 17,000 dandelions (you’re welcome Baie D’Urfé!) and then begged for another Timbit. Doh!

Note: There is fencing around 3 of the 4 sides of the park, and although there’s none by the road, the play equipment is way at the back. 


  • Nicola says:

    Super cute park! We really enjoyed it. Always a treat when they have big and small kid swings side-by-side. Any idea how to make those yellow horns make noise? They must do something!

  • StrollerMom says:

    Hey Nicola, Super late reply here….those yellow horns are talk tubes. You should be able to yell in one and hear it in the other. They rarely work though unless they’re brand new.

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