Balsam Park

I liked many aspects about this park, and it also had some great surprises. I think it helped that it was a beauuuuuutiful autumn day and the sun was blazing down on us.
We parked on Balsam Street in the mini-parking lot and walked across the sopping wet and mushy field to the play structures.

The big-kid structure from Landscape Structures is large, and laid out differently than most of them, almost like a gym circuit. It would be neat to do a timed obstacle course if you had a few bigger kids.
There are monkey bars, a small climbing wall with rope, a stepping stone bridge (and not dangerously broken like the one at Ecclestone Park in Kirkland!), a weird pedalling contraption, sky wheels, a zipline, the Summit Climber, and rings to swing from and slides.
Set further back is the toddler climber (a Little Tykes brand) with big wide platforms to climb, a wall with things to spin, a slide, and a few “toadstools” to climb.
Flanking the soccer field and across some more muck are the swings, Calvin the Caterpillar for climbing on and under, and some biiiiig teeter-totters.
p.s. everything is on sand. Unkempt sand that needs some weeding.

We figured “that must be it!” and were going to head somewhere else after playing, but I checked Google Maps on my phone and saw that it showed a huge greenspace.
Soooo, we toddled to the south end of the soccer field and saw an opening to a nicely groomed path of cedar chips. It was small but beautiful it was great to have a place to walk and collect leaves.
Then……at the end of the path, we found Allan’s Hill, which I’ve heard so much about for sledding.
You can read the sledding review HERE!


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