Rhian Wilkinson Park

Wandering around Baie-D’Urfé and looking for a park with not too many kids, we stumbled upon this quiet little park. The playground is near the street Cornwall so we left the car on the edge of the road and toddled over to the super cute little-kid play structure.
There’s a big lion mouth to crawl through, a hippo to sit in, and a grasshopper to ride. The climber by Little Tikes Commercial is easy to maneuver with two sets of stairs going up, a little platform with steering wheel, a couple of slides and an animal crawl tunnel.

The quietness was suddenly shattered as the adjoining school’s after school daycare let out. Soon we were surrounded by about 100 students so we didn’t try to muscle our way onto the bigger climber.
Luckily, none of them were using the baby swings so we scored a spot there and the elementary girls cooed over the baby.
For a huge group of kids, they were all amazingly polite and careful around him. As well, the daycare monitors were present and actually interacting with the kids. Nice to see!

There is no fencing at all, but it is set back from the street and on a quiet residential road. The playground is right off of Cornwall Street (with street parking) while the park extends all the way up to Victoria Street where there’s a small parking lot by the soccer fields. 
Off in the distance closer to the school yard, we noticed a water fountain but I didn’t brave the crowd to check if it was on.

UPDATE JUNE 2016: Dorset Park has been officially renamed Rhian Wilkinson Park in honour of the soccer star from Baie-D’Urfé.


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