Sledding-Westwood Park (Dorval)

While the conditions weren’t ideal the day that we went (ice, so much ice!), this is usually a great sledding hill that has the bonus of PLANE WATCHING!
My fingers were too cold to properly press the camera shutter, and I missed out on the amazing shots of the planes taking off right over the hill, but it’s pretty impressive.
Note that I’m NOT guaranteeing they’ll be using that runway when you’re there. Please don’t send me cranky emails.

The hill is past the playground and behind the Westwood arena and there’s plenty of parking spots right beside the hill. The sledding area is nice and wide with a good slope and some enterprising kids have made a couple of jumps. 

My toddler loved watching all the trucks, snowplows and planes moving about at the airport which is directly behind the hill. It’s a great spot to sit and have a snack.

Bathrooms and a small canteen are available inside the arena.
Note, it was a pretty gloomy day when we visited so the pictures aren’t all that pretty. Sorry!

Dorval – Westwood Park Sledding from StrollerMom on Vimeo.

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