Parc des Ancres (Pointe-des-Cascades)

And now for something completely different…

Parc des Ancres is an open-air museum that’s accessible every day and is located near Lock Number 3 on the Soulanges Canal, and on both sides of the central street. 

The collection of more than 100 anchors and other maritime artifacts tells the story of the history of the canal. Operated by the Société de Recherches historiques de Pointe-des-Cascades, guided tours of the Interpretation Center (which we didn’t see) are offered during the summer by appointment only.

Walk along both sides of the locks (and don’t venture too near the edges with little ones!) and you’ll be able to see the lighthouse, possibly see some scuba divers, and run down the hill to Parc Saint-Pierre playground. 

Bring your bikes with you and you can travel along the canal on la piste cyclable de Soulanges, or walk east and visit the parc nature de Pointe-des-Cascades.

p.s. we parked in the lot at the nearby Dep on main street and bought snacks for our stroll. They also have Beanie Boos!

INFO on the Piste cyclable Soulanges HERE


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