Saint-Zotique – Marcel-Léger Park

We ended up finding this park only because we took the wrong turn (of course) trying to find the entrance to the Saint-Zotique Beach. Because I always think I know better than the GPS.
I do not. 

Right along the lake and with a gorgeous water view, this large park has a nice playground with spring riders, a stand-alone slide, some monkey bars and climbing apparatus, and a new merry-go-round. 
This part is all on sand, while the nearby swings are not on any safety surfacing so be a bit careful. 
There are baby and adult swings, the awesome Expression tandem swing, and an…older adaptive swing that doesn’t look the most comfortable or secure. 

Even though the play areas are in full sun, there’s a shaded picnic table nearby, tons of grass to run around on, and of course nice spots to have a picnic near the water. 

Things to note:
-Street parking is available at both entrances. Be nice to the neighbours and don’t park on their grass.
-There is no fencing along the water.
-The park also has pétanque and a beach volleyball court, as super cute communal veggie gardens at one entrance.

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