Pierre-Bernard Park

We drove up to this park JUST in time, because about 30 seconds after taking the pictures of the big-kid park, it was descended upon by kids from the nearby school. End of school year celebrations were taking place at all the nearby parks and we were having trouble getting our pics!

The area for kids 5-12 is quite new and features a super colourful Miracle Recreation play structure with great high slides, a triple slide, hula rings to crawl through, and all sorts of ladders. In the fresh wood chips are four adult swings and a stand-up spinner.
We walked past the wading pool (which they were just opening), tried out the chalet (locked 🙁 ), and then came to the toddler playground. Fenced on three sides, there’s a nice climber with stairs, crawl tubes, a ground-level window, and various slides. In the surrounding sand are two great spring riders (a truck and a triceratops), and there are also four baby swings. 
I didn’t get ANY pictures of this section as there were a few daycares visiting, so you’ll have to use your imagination!
We checked out the older areas for pétanque and horseshoes, and then ran through one of the baseball fields.
And then we were off again!

Things to note:
-The toddler area had some nice shade!
-For wading pool hours and info you can click HERE. Don’t confuse it with Pierre-Bédard Park!
-The two playgrounds are around the corner from each other with the wading pool in the middle. There are NO sight lines.
-The playgrounds and wading pool are closest to Boulevard Pierre Bernard and Rue de Teck. We easily found street parking nearby.
-According to the city, these are the chalet/bathroom hours:
Chalet de parc – Parc Pierre-Bernard
Lundi au jeudi – 10 h à 23 h
Vendredi – 10 h à 19 h
Samedi et dimanche – 10 h 30 à 19 h


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