Robitaille Park

It’s a tradition; drag the kids to Carter’s to get summer shorts and then find a park nearby. 

This playground is a couple of minutes drive behind the miles of malls along Highway 13 north of Samson, and has a lot of greenspace for them to run around in after being marched around a store. 

You’ll also find a cute little Kompan play structure that’s easy to climb and has slides, a little rope ladder and a mini climbing wall. In the surrounding sand is a sand shovel, and a…skidoo(?) spring rider. 
Nearby are baby swings, and steps away is a tall climber with slides and various ladders. 
Past the picnic table is a large bank of adult swings.

Things to note:
-There’s not much shade (or any) over most of the play equipment. 
-Everything is on sand.
-There’s no fencing. 

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