Marc-Aurèle-Fortin Park

I’ve had quite a few messages asking me about Laval splash pads.
We’ve got a few on the site so far, and I have this one and another to post, but they drive me nuts.
I’ll never have good pictures of any of them because they have a weird operating schedule, short season, and have lifeguards so I won’t be able to take pictures INside with the water on. (They usually frown on that, even with your own kids in tow.)

So, this is another Laval park with a nice little splash pad, that we didn’t see on because we came way before its 10am opening and there was still a padlock. 
The splash pad is fully fenced and gated, will have a lifeguard, and has a list of rules to follow posted on the chalet. Inside the fencing on a concrete base are spinning and dripping flowers, a trio of flowers to hide under, and ground sprays. 
There are a couple of picnic tables inside the fencing as well as nearby in the grass. No shade. 

The playground is sort-of nearish, and has a nice new GameTime play structure with great stairs, slides, fun climbers, and a ground level steering wheel underneath. 
In the sand are two spring riders, and nearby is another structure with monkey bars, rungs to climb and a slide. 
Just in front are two baby and four adult swings. 
You’ll need to go in the splash pad after as there is NO shade. 

This large park is also home to a nice basketball court, baseball/softball field, soccer fields, and tennis courts.

Things to note:
-Click HERE for the tennis courts schedule
-And HERE for the splash pad schedule. It is generally open 10am-7pm, but the hours change throughout the summer as the splash pad has a lifeguard.
-The playground is all on sand and is partially fenced by the street (no gate). 
-There is no shade. 
-I parked on the street directly in front of the playground. There’s also a parking lot on Rue Fleury. 

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