Sainte-Anne Park

We drove by this park last year, and the boys looked out the window and said “nope!” so we’d continued on to somewhere else. This year, on our quest to finish EVERY park on the West Island (we’re only a few short!), I was like “LET’S DO IT!”.
And it turned out to be (marginally) better than we’d thought it would be. 
Granted, it’s not super exciting, and I wouldn’t drive out of my way to come, but for the surrounding houses and apartments, it’s an ok, after-dinner type park. 

Right across from the cemetary (“No we’re NOT playing there”), you can find street parking on both sides. We were there quite early in the morning and there was some shade on some of the sand and surrounding benches. 
Don’t bring too many friends because there’s just one baby and one big-kid swing!
The rest of the equipment from Playworld consists of a toddler climber that unfortunately doesn’t have any easy way up to the slides, and a couple of metal spring riders. 

And…the end!

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