Rosewood Park

A whole lot of (under my breath) swearing and we finally made it to this park. Part of Lachine’s Ville Saint-Pierre area, getting here was a bit tricky as there’s now a ton of traffic because of roads being closed, as well as some big barriers across a street leading out to Montreal West. “But hey! That’s the way out!” *grumble, grumble*

So, once we made it past the industrial section (“are we in the right area??”), we came to this little neighbourhood park. 
Installed in 2009 by Tessier Récréo-Parc, the playground features a play structure, balance beam, a spinning saddle seat, and two big and two baby swings. Everything is on a wood chip base and there’s a very small greenspace with benches, picnic tables, and even a water fountain!
It’s not the greatest for toddlers as there’s no fencing and it’s all very close to the road. But they can drive the ground-level steering wheel, and…, that’s about it. 
Bigger kids can climb the rope spider web, the slanted rock wall, and scale the monkey rings and ladders to the slides. 

It’s a good enough park if you live in the area, but it’s definitely not a destination park. 

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