Sammy Hill Park

Just pretend that the trees had leaves and it was sunny. There, much better!

I drove past this park about 3 years ago, made a mental note to check it out at some point, then promptly forgot where the heck it was. 
Lo and behold, while driving back from a hockey game in this area, we stumbled on it again, but it was so early in the season that the swings weren’t even reinstalled. 
Anyhoo, this was an ok park with a cute car-themed climber that is good for all ages. 
There are stairs on one side up to a little slide, and a window ledge at ground-level. Or, cross the bridge and there are more slides, ladders, a crawl tunnel, and a broken wall car race activity panel that doesn’t look like it’s worked in years. I also sort of liked how kids added their own “buttons” in Sharpie around the structure. The 5-year old was horrified at their graffiti. At least they stayed with the theme…
In the sand is a sporty motorcycle spring rider. It would have been nice to have more of these so there could be “real” races!

The park also has a tall rope climber, and room for four baby and four adult swings. 

Things to note:
-Everything is on sand.
-There are picnic tables and benches.
-The park is fenced but with wide open entrances.
-Across the street is the small soccer field. 


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