Pierre-Blanchet Park

This is a newish park in Rivière-des-Prairies with two playgrounds in fairly close proximity to each other, and a small splash pad right in the middle. Perfect if you’ve got kids who want to play on either side, and some want to get wet.

Though the play areas are pretty much full sun, there are mature trees throughout the rest of the park and flanking the soccer field, as well as giant evergreens right near the toddler park. 

For the little people there’s a cute climber with easy stairs, a crawl tube, metal rungs, and various slides. In the sand nearby are a couple of spring riders and steps away are four baby swings.
Prance across to the little round splash pad and there’s the misty frog to run through, and a lovely tall sprayer with a dragonfly basking in the sun. Press the top of the green pole to activate the water. We visited early spring so no video of the water in action!

Older kids have a high play structure with challenging ways to access the tall slides and the walkway. In the wood chips are a saddle seat spinner and a tall hang-on! spinner. 

Lots of benches and picnic tables to store your stuff or to have a picnic. 

Things to note:
-The borough has the opening hours for the splash pad as 9am-9pm. It is turned on for the season around mid-June (weather dependent.)
-There is a chalet towards the north end of the park, but I didn’t venture there to see about bathrooms. Sorry!
-The toddler areas are on sand, while the area for older kids is on wood chips.
-There is some fencing between the toddler park and the road, the rest is completely open.

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