❄ Sledding- Beaconsfield Golf Course

Beaconsfield Golf Course

37 years of living on the West Island and I’d NEVER been sledding here. I blame my parents. 
So finally, on the last day in February, we loaded up the kiddos, the sleds, helmets*, and some cookies and went in search of the much talked about golf course sledding hill. And it was fantastic!
 A beautiful location, tons of parking, and a wide sledding hill with the perfect pitch. It hadn’t snowed in a little while so the fluffy white powder had been flattened down and created a very fast track. 
My only “complaint” would be that there is little flat space at the top of the hill for in between sledding runs. There is a snow fence that cordons off what I guess is the golf course’s front lawn. Hard to fault them as they are letting people wander all over their property all winter!
***We’ve had people laugh at us (me) for putting helmets on the kids while sledding. Thankfully, the older one had on his full face mask hockey helmet when he attempted the snow jump on the GT Racer. The front ski slammed into the jump, came to a dead stop, while he continued on, landing on his…face. Ow. It would have been a fun emergency room trip without that helmet. 

You can enter the golf course grounds from the driveway on Cartier, then continue past the clubhouse to the parking lot.  OR, drive north to the top of Golf Avenue. 
The sledding hill is at the tippity top of Golf. 

Sledding-Beaconsfield Golf Course from StrollerMom on Vimeo.

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