15 Days of Favourite “Kid” things – Part 12

Day 12:

The Swimmi swim diaper from Montreal-based Bummis.
Let’s talk poop. I’m assuming everyone reading this is a parent….right? I know many of my conversations now revolve around poop and various other gross things. Did you read Part 2 of my favourite things? Ya, how life has changed!
In case you don’t know already, when you go to a pool with a baby/toddler, you need to put them in something that’ll contain any accidents in the water. But not pee accidents, just solid ones. I learned the hard way, when I had baby number 1 sitting on my lap before our swimming lesson, that NO swim diaper absorbs pee. Gah! 

I love this line from Bummi’s website:

…rest assured – nobody will ever have to empty the pool because of your little darling!

We’ve gone through three sizes of the Swimmi and used them for two kids. At about $15 each, that’s saved me a lot of money instead of buying throwaway swimmers. And the fabric, elastic, and velcro are still in great condition on all of them. I don’t have to throw it out if he just gets wet for only 2 minutes (because he doesn’t want to get his delicate paws wrinkly), and if we forget his actual bathing suit he still looks super-duper cute. Check out those thigh rolls!
It’s easy to wash, and I usually just throw it in with swim towels or with the cloth diapers. Only thing is I find they are sized a bit small, so ordering up isn’t a bad idea. 

You can purchase these online through stores like well.casnugglebugz.ca, directly from Bummis, or at retailers listed on their site. 
IMGP1094These photos were taken at Harris and Boischatel splash pads in Kirkland and Ile Perrot. You can read those reviews HERE and HERE.

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