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This was one of our oldest posts, from wayyyyyyy back in 2014, so on a super sunny October morning we revisited to take some updated splash pad video, photos of the playground, and to play on the NEW play structure. 

The new and colourful fish/boat play structure was a huge hit with my little guy (and the 3-year who he befriended). With stairs, ladders, the fish bridge (check underneath for the monkey bars!), and slides; there’s enough to entertain older kids. And then at ground level is the treasure map finger maze, a ship’s wheel, ledges to sit on, and a bow to stand behind and play pirates, treasure hunters, or deep sea divers. I like that kids of all ages have something here that they should enjoy. They don’t like going up high? Play in the boat! Like swinging and climbing? There’s that too!
And if there’s not enough to play with, you can download the interactive Play Biba! mobile app that gives you games to be used with the park equipment.  So make sure to bring your phone with you if you want to try it out; you can download the free app from iTunes and Google Play. Want to read more about Biba? You can find info HERE

Also in the large wood chip area is a shiny infinity loop climber by Little Tikes Commercial and a large structure from Miracle Recreation with a metal-rung ladder, a vertical climbing wall, sky wheels and a twirly slide. This is really for older kids as even my agile almost 5-year old couldn’t figure out a (safe) way up. 
But no worries, while the little guy couldn’t get up this climber, there was plenty more to play on! Two spring riders: a snail by Miracle and GameTime’s Frog. Both nice and shiny, but both are also super high off the ground. Small kids will need help getting on. “Lift you up? AGAIN???”
There is also a stand-up seesaw (the Multi-Pongo by Miracle), a couple of metal balance beams, baby swings, two adult swings, AND both an adaptive swing AND the great Expression parent-baby swing! (I requested that the parks department add in a ramp for wheelchair users as to GET to the adaptive swing is impossible right now with the 1-foot high concrete borders around the play area.)
In its own separate area, and the only part not on wood chips, is a sand digger. (I would have put the sand section further away from the water area, but that’s just me…)

The splash pad by Pointe-Claire based Vortex features buckets that fill and tip, the Aqualien umbrella fountains, water jets coming out of the ground, a beautiful spinning flower, two water cannons that you can turn and aim, and gentle bubblers that are in a small path coming out of the ground. Press the button on the red post to start the water sequence. 

There is no shade over the actual playground, but there are trees surrounding it and the splash pad, as well as a new funky shade structure that casts some shadow over the trio of picnic tables right beside the water area.  There are more picnic tables and benches around the play section. 

The bathroom was locked when we visited, but we’ve used it during the summer. Puzzling why they made one HUGE bathroom and not like…one bathroom and a couple of changing rooms. ‘Cause while you’re trying to peel a wet bathing suit off your toddler, holding onto a baby, and trying to keep the toddler from opening the door while you’re half naked; you’ll also be hearing the impatient knocking on the door from the people in line outside. But, it is wheelchair-accessible. 

Things to note:
-The chalet with washroom has no posted opening hours, but is generally open during summer hours.
-There is a drinking fountain attached to the chalet.
-No fencing around the playground or splash pad.
-There is a parking lot along Brunswick Boulevard, or park on one of the surrounding streets.
-The splash pad hours (as per the city’s website) are: 9am to 8:30pm daily. The city usually keeps the water on into September if the weather is warm. And as you can see, it was still on in October!

Harris Park – Kirkland from StrollerMom on Vimeo.

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