Hartenstein Park

This park is loaded with stuff to do. There’s the pool/wading pool and splash pad, a spot to BBQ, community gardening, beach volleyball, winter sledding and skating, tennis courts, and of course two playgrounds for big and little kids. 

It took us many tries to get to this park. For some reason we could NEVER find parking, and would inevitably give up and head off somewhere else. But we ended up coming back (twice), which is why the pictures are both sunny and cloudy!

The splash pad looks amazing, but because it’s fenced within the pool grounds, it has different hours than the unsupervised splash pads (which I prefer), and wasn’t open both times we visited. You can find the hours for the pool, wading pool, and splash pad HERE
Everything here is a bit spread out, with the section for older kids near-ish the pool chalet, and the toddler area by the BBQ section. 
On wood chips, the big-kid area has a tall cable climber, the spinning Supernova, a modern metal climber from Kompan with some very tricky handrails, adult swings, and a seen-better-days play structure that is kind of wheelchair accessible. The ramp (from the upper part, see the pics to know what I mean) will get you to the musical chimes and the brown and white picture panel. There are also stairs, another ramp, more handrails, and a slide. 

Over in the toddler section you’ll find a bunch of spring riders including the 3-kid Blazer, two sand shovels, two baby swings (which doesn’t seem like enough), and a cute Kompan play structure with easy platforms to climb, textured walls, slides, and a ground level sand table. 

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