Raymond-Lagacé Park

Edited: Thanks Maryse for letting us know the real name of this park!
We shall probably forever call it “Silly Monkey Bars Park” also 😉

That may or may not be the actual name of this park. It’s brand-spanking new and not on any websites yet (that I can find), so I let the toddler pick the name. 
“What do you think we should name this park?”
“Monkey. Monkey Bars. Silly Monkey Bars Park.”
And there you go. 

Silly Monkey Bars Park is located on Rue Jean-Gascon, right around Pierre-Dagenais (and just east of the dog run). You can see it from the road, it’s impossible to miss!
Follow the stone steps, or the wheelchair accessible path, and you’ll arrive at the bright and cheerful playground. On a poured-in-place rubber base, the entire playground is wheelchair accessible. 

It’s funny, I read the various catalogues for the playground manufacturers (really!), and I’ll see something super interesting…and Saint-Laurent will inevitably build a playground incorporating those cool things. Honeycomb climbers and the Expression swing at the nearby Parc Dr-Bernard-Paquet, a super high climber at the amazing Parc Philippe-Laheurte , and here there’s the beautiful shadow flower from the IONiX line of products. 

The toddler play structure has a ground level flower to spin, closer-to-the-ground monkey bars, climbing walls, ladders, stairs, and both a small slide and a slightly higher slide. There’s also one seesaw and a spring rider that we couldn’t quite figure out what it was. A beehive? Something science-y?
In the middle of the playground are four different kinds of swings. Two baby, two adult, an adaptive swing, and the awesome Expression parent-child swing. With directions!
Then it’s the slightly dizzying play structure for older kids. My little tried his best and was able to climb quite a bit, but got intimidated by the height and made his way back down. There are ropes, and metal “bridges”, a colourful slide, and the nauseating Xcelerator. “There’s no puking in my car!”
His older brother went as high as possible on everything, spun as fast as he could, and tried to bounce the little one off of everything. Aw, love. 

It’s all very pretty, well laid out, and easy to watch kids of varying ages in both areas. 
Only thing I would have liked to see are some more seated height activities. This is one of the only true accessible playgrounds around, and there just isn’t THAT much to do for kids in wheelchairs or with mobility issues. 

Things to note:
-There’s zero shade.
-Parking is along the street in front. 
-There’s no sand at all (in case you carry around sand toys in your car)
-No fencing, though it’s up a hill and back from the road. 
-There’s a drinking fountain!
-There are quite a few other great parks within walking distance so you could do a whole tour of them. You can “search by map” HERE

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Completely fenced park
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