Achille-Fortier Park

Pack your swords or pirate costumes, ’cause you’re going on a trip!

This small park is big on personality with its large castle play structure which is great for older kids. And a super cute ship that toddlers will love. 
The castle has ladders and rungs, slides and a “stone” wall, balconies and a seat. This area on wood chips also has a couple of adult swings. 

Just steps away is the cute toddler area with its sea serpent, a fish spring rider, cables to cross and an easy-to-access boat with stairs up to the platform with its slides. Or, stay on the ground where there’s the ship’s wheel, and a map leading right to the treasure. Baby swings are also nearby.

If you get too hot, there’s a tall misting tower, where someone was cooling off after a bike ride. 

Things to note:
-Parking is available on the street.
-The play areas are on wood chips for the big kids, and sand for the toddlers. 
-There is no fencing, but the play area is in off the street.
There are also lovely gardens and a drinking fountain.
-If you want another even better park, there’s the fantastic François-Vaillancourt Park which is literally just a block away. 

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