François-Vaillancourt Park

Renovated in 2012, this park can now accommodate knights, dragons, and damsels in distress rockin’ princesses on their gallant steeds. 
With a colourful and creative castle theme from Playworld, both boys were all “Ooooooooooh!” when they spied the play structures. 
“This is MY castle and that is YOUR castle.”

Set back from the road and past the shaded picnic tables and gardens, the climbers and big and baby swings are not necessarily all that far apart, they’re not exactly right beside each other. So StrollerDad and I divvied up the kids and we all climbed, slid, spun, and galloped. (Or rather, I think StrollerDad’s horse groaned and plodded…Sorry honey!)

The larger climber is impressive with turrets reaching for the sky, high walls and ladders to climb, a bridge stretching across to the slides, swinging pods to balance across, and a stand up spinner. In the surrounding wood chips are a bowl spinner and the Revo rotating ring where the 8-year old attempted to do a complete 360° (and almost made it!)
I helped the toddler up the ladder to the bridge and slide, but he wasn’t so thrilled with the height and a bit nervous, so he went off to explore the scaled down version in the toddler area. 

Past the six big-kid and six baby swings (in full sun) are three brave and fat “medieval” horse spring riders guarding their castle. My little guy was much happier over here as he could climb the staircase, sit in the crawl tunnel, scale the small ladders, and escape down the Sea Serpent spiral slide!  Rrrrrraw!
While this part is on sand, there’s also a sand box right beside that’s in some shade and surrounded by benches. 

We travelled across the field and through the trees to the western side of the park and came across the outdoor fitness equipment. The park is name for a young resident who was recognized for his courage, sporting spirit and dynamic personality, so having the trails to run on, and the various balance, and resistance equipment is a nice tribute. 
The boys climbed the hill, admired the large statue, and tried out the different training stations. I was all proud of myself for hanging from the bars, then looked at the instructions and realized I was supposed to do pull ups. Ya, that’s not happening…Ow.
Another 20 minutes in the playground and then we were on to the next park!

I’d love to see some more of these “themed” playgrounds around as it brought out a whole new level of imagination in us. 

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