Montmartre Park

This little park has a couple of play structures, a soccer field, and a splash pad that could use just a bit of TLC.

Installed in 2010 to replace an old wading pool from the ’60s, the splash pad has an adorable art theme and its base is a giant paint pallet. Tall paintbrushes mist you with water, an airbrush drenches you from on high, and there are ground jets and a water cannon. Touch the sensor on top of the green post to turn on the water. 
Like a bunch of dolts, we were there before 9am. Doh. 

A couple of picnic tables are right beside the water area. 

Just a couple of feet away are the playgrounds, with baby and adult swings, two play structures, and a field to run around in. 

-The splash pad is on from 9am-9pm. Touch the sensor to turn on the water. -The playgrounds are on sand.
-There is no fencing.
-This park also has a small soccer field. 

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