Bertold Park

Leave the kids at home!
But bring the dog 🙂

We’d driven by this park on a previous trip, but both kids were like “borrrrring” when they saw there was no actual playground. 
So I came back BY MYSELF, and checked out the exercise equipment, walked the shoreline, and waved at the dogs enjoying their time off-leash.

Enter through the stone gates, and you can park right in front of the Baie-D’UrfĂ© Yacht Club. There’s a huge expanse of (now fenced) grass that is used as Baie-D’UrfĂ©’s only designated off-leash area.

There is currently some…debate about the dog park, so I’ve taken a picture of the *current* park rules. You can see it in the gallery below.

Hugging the western part of the park is a whole circuit of adult exercise equipment. I’ve seen outdoor equipment before, but this circuit differs as each station is usable by two people at the same time.
I tried one out, but almost dropped my biscotti, and didn’t want to hurt myself! This would be a great spot for bootcamps, or groups of fitness enthusiasts. 

p.s. in the winter the city installs outdoor skating rinks and a heated changing room, so maybe I’ll bring the kiddos back for that!

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