Carré Hibernia Park

We were pleasantly surprised by the bright and new-ish play structures in this park. We were too early to check out the wading pool but got some great playtime in the (empty) playgrounds. 

They’re divided into two sections, and though they’re beside each other, a large hedge obscures sightlines if you have kids in both areas. 
We started off in the toddler area which has two cute spring riders, two baby swings, and a cheery climber. It’s not huge but has stairs, the little Summit Climber, a steering wheel, slides, and a mesh crawl tunnel. It seems like this area could use something…more. Like a seesaw, or some spinners. 
Next door in the area for kids 6-12 is the cool Weevos climber with its rings, slide, and ropes, and two adult swings. Again, it’s a bit bare-bones. This section is on wood chips, while the toddler area is sand. 

My only real issue is that the big-kid park needs a massive load of fresh wood chips as it’s very bare (and thus dangerous) in many spots. 

Things to note:
-For the wading pool hours, check THIS LINK, BUT it’s listed under the name “Saint-Gabriel” and not “Carré Hibernia”. This took me forever to figure out!
-Both playgrounds are fully fenced, but with an open gate. The wading pool is fenced and gated. 
-Street parking is available around the park. 

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