Cornwall, Ontario – Lamoureux Park

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Cornwall is the “big town” near my parent’s farm, and though I’ve been to Cornwall for grocery trips and to buy farm stuff at the local TSC store, I’d never taken the kids. On a “what can we do today?” day, we drove to the waterfront and found this 91 acre park that has a great (wheelchair accessible!) playground, a large splash pad, a recreational path that follows the river, a marina, washrooms, a concession stand, the Cornwall Aquatic Centre, a live entertainment bandshell, the RCAFA Wing 424 service club, and even a museum!

We left the car at the large free lot at Water Street and York Street, and walked past the Cornwall Community Museum and down to the water. Word of warning: Walk carefully. While the ducks, herons, and geese in the water were cute, the Canada Geese and their deposits were also all over the surrounding greenspaces and even the bike/walking paths. Which is too bad as this would be a fabulous picnic spot with beautiful views, but there literally wasn’t a single spot where you could safely put down a blanket. 

Luckily, the geese were staying far away from the playground and the splash pad, so the kids were safe to run around without doing the special Goose Poop Boogie™. 
On a pea gravel base (which we never see in Quebec), the playground features a large play structure for kids from 4-12 years, a structure marked for 2-4 years, and some multi-kid seesaws. 
Both structures are large, easy to climb, and one has a wheelchair ramp up to wall activities including a xylophone. There are ladders and stairs, a log roller, monkey bars, all sorts of slides, crawl tubes and windows. 
The splash pad (and the playground) has amazing views of the river below and the water features from Pointe Claire’s Vortex include the misty frog to run through, beautiful flowers with cascading water, water cannons, and spinning flowers. It’s surrounded by benches, and the clean washrooms and the concession stand with all sorts of treats are just steps away. 

We spent so long at the park that our planned visit to the museum didn’t happen, but it looks super interesting and might warrant another trip!

The splash pad and washroom are open 7 days a week from 8:30 a.m. to 8:30 p.m.



  • Kim Baird says:

    Good morning. The Cornwall Kinettes, a service club in Cornwall is celebrating 75years of service to the community. We are looking for pictures to use in our commemorative page in the Seaway News. I have been looking for a pictures of the play structure in Lamouruex Park which we co-sponsored with the Rotary Club and the City of Cornwall. I found some great shots on your website. Would you give us permission to use one of them. Thank you.

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