Germaine-Casaubon Park

This large park has plenty of greenspace. In fact, it’s mostly greenspace with two playgrounds near one edge (on Rue Forsythe). 

You’ll find a nice new-ish play area for older kids with a brightly coloured play structure with plenty of ways to climb and slide, four adult swings, spinning seats, and a stand/sit bouncer. It’s is partially fenced by the road.
Past the trees is the tiny toddler area which could use some tlc. 
The play structure needs some maintenance or repair, the two mini picnic tables are in rough shape, the swings frame could be painted, and it’s all a little…uninspiring. 
The play structure has stairs, slides, and ladders, and there’s also a little motorcycle spring rider. 

Things to note
-The big-kid area is on wood chips, while the toddler park is on sand.
-There’s basically no fencing. 
-The two playgrounds are separated with a wooded area with no sight lines. 
-Parking is available on the street. 

Apparently there’s some controversy about adding in a dog park. You can read about it here. Currently there is not one at the park. 

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