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This post is originally from October 2014, but we revisited (for the 5th time!) in September 2016 so I updated some of the pictures and the text:

We’ve been here quite a few times for apple and pumpkin picking (fun!), the tractor ride (fun!), and the Halloween haunted maze (with a side-trip to Smoke Meat Pete) (super fun!).

This time we came just to buy some apple muffins to take home (great to freeze and pack in school lunches!) and to play. But ended up buying a muffin each at the P’tit bistro, then going back for another muffin each, then going back for a latté…Mmmmmm, so good. THEN I was like “let’s go for the wagon ride and pick apples!” So we ended up doing that too. Free wagon rides for 4 and under, so it cost us 13$ for a 10lb bag of apples and and 2$ each for myself and the 7 year old for the wagon ride around the orchard, past the maze, AND the tractor driver even offered both of them a photo op in the tractor seat. ALL the employees who we met were super nice, even when my debit card was refused three times (they only take cash or debit). You can check out all the pick-your-own rates here
The unique activity at Labonté is the three giant corn mazes for different ages, and with a different theme each year (2017 is “The Quest for Lost Secrets”) with part of the proceeds donated to charity. If you’re bringing itty-bitty ones note that the mazes are not stroller-friendly, so bring along a carrier, or some strong arms. Make sure to read the link for hours and rates.
The tractor will deliver you to the entrance of the mazes, where you’ll be greeted and given instructions, and you can play in the mini playground before or after. 
We’ve previously visited for the spoooooky Halloween maze which was very, very cool and a really interesting evening activity close to home. My older son is still talking about it years later.

I like that you are able to play in the playground, see the animals, and eat at the bistro without having to pay any admittance fee, and there are different rates and combo packages for apple-picking, apple-picking and hayride and maze etc. Check out all the rates and hours HERE!

The playground near the entrance has a wooden tractor with monkey bars, ladder, slide and a real tractor steering wheel; various ride-on Little Tykes type toys scattered around; a sandbox with dump trucks and shovels; a couple of small plastic climbers; and a large wooden structure with slides, monkey bars, swings and place to climb. Scattered around are picnic tables, benches, and glorious Adirondack chairs; perfect for lounging on while watching the kids and savouring a mini apple pie!

A hit with the boys was the petting farm. There are ducks and chickens, goats, llamas, donkeys, sheep, and a bunch of rabbits. You can buy corn for 25¢to feed them by hand, or just give them a pat on the neck. I sat and ate my ridiculously delicious apple muffins while the boys played. We bought 12 muffins; they were gone in two days.

P.s. There is a changing table in one of the stalls in the women’s bathroom. (Didn’t check the men’s!) I also saw a couple of booster seats near the entrance to the bistro. 

P.p.s. Parc des Hirondelles is just south of the orchard on 144e Avenue and has a playground, I’m just writing the review now. 
And Notre-Dame-de-l’Île-Perrot is a BEAUTIFUL island. After leaving the orchard, we drove east along Boulevard Perrot, stopping at the historic Église Sainte-Jeanne de Chantal, with its stunning view, and then strolling along to the Quai Brideloup where we watched herons settling down for the night.

The Verger has recently had a great promotional video made, with drones! I love drones. Check it out below:


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