Quinn Farm

I hadn’t been here in years, and despite having already gone apple picking twice in NDIP, I was out of apples!
So, on a brisk Monday morning in October, instead of visiting our usual spot, the littlest and I turned right at Boulevard Perrot and went to Quinn Farm.

I’d previously visited the website and knew that it would be $5 each for us to visit the animals, play in the playground, and go on a wagon ride. (on weekends during the 2016 Fall Festival it is $8 each, but free for under 2. The admission price includes a tractor ride, music, visiting the animals, playground, and a pony ride per child). Note that tractor rides leave on the hour Monday to Friday, and approximately every 15 minutes on the weekend. During the Fall Festival which is September 17th-October 10th 2016, the pony rides are from 10-4 but with a one hour break at noon. So if your little pumpkin is desperate for a pony ride, plan accordingly. 
You can check out the pricing, dates and hours HERE.

We went during the week, so for $10 we spent about 2 hours playing, patting animals’ noses, playing again, sliding, running through mazes, riding on bales of hay behind the tractor, and eating muffins. The apple picking is $20 for a big bag (the website says that’s about 18-20lbs.) or $10 for about 8lbs., plus admission. We actually ended up skipping the actual apple picking part because I just didn’t need that many apples. AND we were having a blast playing!

It was a bit confusing when we arrived (we were the only ones there at 9:10am), because the outdoor ticket booths had a “Fermé” sign in the window. The first employee I asked said he wasn’t sure, and then after buying a stack of muffins, the cashier said I needed to buy bracelets from her and that it opened at 10, but I could go in. So…it was still confusing as the website said 9am. Perhaps it’s because actual apple picking starts at 10am. Anyhoo, she said we could go in so we did, and had the whole place to ourselves!
We entered through the big barn, and passed where they have the pony rides on the weekends (included in the weekend price of $8). 
The barn is bright and airy and there are adorable grunting pigs, chickens, sheep, goats and a llama. And I think I saw a partridge. There are signs above some of the animals explaining the breeds, or where the animals might be heading after their time at Quinn Farm. Some of them are rare breeds and Quinn works with other farms and Rare Breeds Canada. 
We tried out the hand-pump duck race tracks (you have to see it to understand!) but the water wasn’t on. No matter! He still liked pumping the handle 🙂
There are bunnies and we watched as one tried to dig his way out. It was really fascinating as he went into the tunnel, pushed the dirt away, back into the tunnel…

The playground here is truly farm-themed and doesn’t have the usual climbers and swings, but rather tractor tires, a mini-mini corn maze, two “real tractors” to sit on, a tricycle dirt track, a house made of straw bales with a slide, and up at the top of the (very pretty) hill is an immense black tube slide made from an old culvert. Up the hill, down the slide, squeal, up the hill, down the slide, squeal…….you get the idea! Cross the bridge and you can look down on the horse and cows, and on the other side is another small maze. 
My little guy could have spent ALL day playing here so it was well worth the entrance cost. 
We saw the tractor start up its engine at 10am and ran over to hitch a ride. We went on a pretty trip through the pines and saw the blueberry bushes, apple orchard, Christmas trees, and squash fields. 

Then we bought a bunch of muffins and ate them at the picnic tables just outside the farm shop. The shop sells baked goods, honey, jams, fresh produce and organic meats and tons of other items including Melissa and Doug toys!
On weekends in September and October you can also buy food from the outside Snack Barn. During other seasons it’s open different hours and days, so always check ahead. 
Some things I noted: There are inside bathrooms, though I didn’t see a changing table. All the picnic tables are in one spot, and while some are under a cover, they seem to be reserved for groups. I’d forgotten our water bottle at home, and didn’t see a water fountain or any for sale, though the cashier told me to come back in a bit and she’d find me one (to buy) which she did. 
There are NO picnic tables or benches in the play area. 

While we had a great time and I’m happy that we came, I don’t see how we could afford to come on a weekend for apple picking with a family of four. Just the entrance fee to play etc would be 4x$8 ($32) plus a bag of apples ($10 or $20) plus probably muffins and snacks……Yoiks! But you know, sometimes it’s worth it. The memories right!?


  • andrea says:

    We go here all the time. While a bit expensive compared to other places, we buy a family membership (for the 3 of us that go often) at the beginning of the season and if you hit the place 3 times in the year – you recoup your cost. It’s easy enough to do; we go strawberry picking in the spring, blueberries mid-summer and some apple picking in the fall. We’ve also gone for a honey demo in August and a sugar-shack demo in March. This way too, you avoid the added $ if you go on the weekends. Sometimes we drive out just for the slide but oh, do I wish there was some shade and somewhere to sit in the play-barnyard for the tired mamas.

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