Ferme Guyon

My husband comes by this place fairly often for work and stops in to pick up gourmet pasta with squid ink (not so great btw), or lots and lots of micro beers, and I’ve been by a few times on various trips, but the GIANT FREAKING SPIDER sculpture outside has always elicited a “fuck no!” from me. 
Buuuuuut, then I heard that there was a farm on the grounds, AND some sort of butterfly thing, but the husband had no idea.
“What? Nah, I think it’s just a market and tree place.”
Determined to be correct (because that’s what marriage is all about), we stopped by after a visit to Fort-Chambly, I held my breath while passing the spider, and we ventured inside.
And of course, I was right. I WIN!

At the back – past the pépinière and greenhouses –  is a super cute farm where kids can explore all sorts of animals. There’s also a picturesque spot for a picnic (bring your own or grab some tasty tasty snacks from the amazing market.)
The large barn’s animals include rabbits, goats, sheep, alpacas, miniature horses, donkeys, and a cow. In the barnyard are all sorts of interesting birds such as chickens, quails, pigeons, turkeys, and peacocks. You can also learn about beekeeping and admire the bees at work.

We only visited the Papillonnerie, mostly because I’m not made of money, but also because my parents have a farm so we see a lot of goats etc all the time. You can buy tickets that give you access to both areas, or buy separately. 
Once inside the VERY, VERY WARM butterfly greenhouse, you are literally surrounded by more than 500 butterflies flying freely around you. See the life cycle from eggs to chrysalis, watch as they land on your hands and heads, and make sure to watch your step!

Before you go, satisfy your taste buds in the amazing indoor market, with local fruits and vegetables, awesome-looking cheeses and meats, and all sorts of gifts and garden accessories. Hours for the market are HERE.

The farm and butterfly exhibit are open Thursday to Sunday from 9:00am to 4:00pm and holiday Mondays. But please, PLEASE check the website before you go in case hours have changed.
Prices and hours are HERE. You can also buy tickets and yearly passes online.

Events are listed HERE!

The entire Ferme Guyon website is HERE. Got any more advice for visitors? Please mention in the comments below!

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