Louisbourg Park (Brossard)

Both my boys really enjoyed this pirate/castle-themed park in Brossard. This was actually the second time we’d passed by, as during our first trip it had been packed, which meant I couldn’t take any pictures. 

A (very) early morning foray meant we had the park to ourselves and the kids could “arghhhh”, “ahoy”, and “walk the plank!” as much as they wanted while balancing along the rope bridges, scaling the ladders and rungs, and zipping back down the slides. Find the treasure hunt panel and search the park for the different symbols, or get dizzy on the tall spinner. There are adult swings just beside, where my big kid tried setting a record in “how far can you jump!”

The section for younger kids has cute horse spring riders, and the castle structure is great for imaginative play. There are also baby swings. If you have kids of varying ages, the play areas are beside each other with completely open sight lines. 

Things to note:
-Street parking is available around the perimeter of the park. 
-There’s no shade.
-The playground surfacing is wood chips. 

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