Lucien-Côté Park

Thanks to Kiki for letting me know that this park was redone last year!
We finally came out this way again, (though I had to come back a 2nd time to take pictures), and this teensy-tiny playground has been redone with new play structures from Little Tikes Commercial, some in-the-sand hazards (crocodile! Rrraw!), two swings, a car spring rider, and new sand and borders.

There was definitely size constraints with what could be put here, but they chose some original climbers with cute palm tree accents. Better than the minuscule ones I’ve seen in some other redone, small parks. It’s basically 2 climbers in 1 and is for kids ages 18 months – 12 years. One side has a (fairly steep) staircase, metal ladder, steering wheel and a double slide; while across the stepping stones and smiley crocodile is the taller climber with a rope ladder (which was too high for my little guy), an Infinity ground to deck wall, a corkscrew ladder, and slide. 

The new configuration of the play area and the concrete borders left not much useable space, and there is just one big-kid and one baby swing. I looked at it and thought “why didn’t they turn the swings 90º ?” so they could add more seats, but then someone would have been crashing down onto the concrete instead of sand. Oh well.

This is not a destination park, but if you’re in the neighbourhood or on this street, it makes a quiet after-dinner kind of spot. 

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