Davies Park

I haven’t stepped foot in the park since I used to cut across it to get to Royal West Academy back in the day. And it’s changed a bit!
Davies Park recently underwent a complete overhaul, with a dog run (see rules here) where the playground was, and the playground moving closer to the train tracks and behind the John A. Simms Community Centre on Westminster. The play area looked so undisturbed, I don’t think many kids have explored it yet!

While the toddler climber (still quite new) was moved over to the new space, the rope equipment from Landscape Structures is brand new and something we’ve not yet seen in any of the other 400 playgrounds we’ve visited so far. 
Partially fenced, and with everything on a wood chip base, there are 2 baby and 2 big-kid swings as well as the two play structures. It’s all close together, so quite easy to watch kids of different ages and it helps that the fenced section is around the toddler area. 

The smaller climber from Miracle Recreation has stairs, the bumpy Tot Rock slide/not-a-slide, metal rungs and ladders to cross, and two different slides. 
Across the path is the NetPlex structure, a multi-level webbed nets that made me dizzy just looking at it. The Skyport is like a tall bird nest for kids, with rubber landings on which to rest. My little guy was able to climb around a bit, and tried out the stand-up spinner and the hammock-like Boogie Board. For kids taller than three apples high, there’s also a sort of zipline where you shimmy along a top rod, a slide, and ropes and pods to climb across. Very interesting and creative. I was nervous about having to contort myself into a pretzel so opted to let the kids try it out instead of me. Also, I’m older than 12. 

The chalet in the park as well as the community centre are both available for RENT for very nominal rates.

-The new splash opened in summer of 2019, but I wasn’t able to get any pictures as it was full of kids when I went by. It’s small, and consists of in-floor water just, so even if you don’t see anything from the road, it’s there!
There’s no info on the town’s website about hours of operation, but I’ll post here if I find out. 

NOTE: If you’re looking for a “field trip” and live along the Rigaud train line. The Montreal West train station is just across the street from the park. Sit near the back of the train and you won’t have far at all to walk. Lots of places to eat just north of the train tracks on Westminster. If you sit near the FRONT of the train, you can get off and visit Coffee Park which is also just across the street (Elmhurst) from the station. 

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