Michel-Martin Park

The original post is from summer 2014, and was updated September 2015. Refreshed text, and (finally!) video for splash pad added!

Yeah for splash pads! Yeah for sparkly new splash pads!
Porta potty (though it was gone by mid-September), water fountain, giant park with TONS of stuff, TWO adaptive swings with 5-point harnesses, one of the brand new Expression Swings by GameTime, skate park, basketball court…Whew!

The park has a lot of equipment which is awesome, but it’s this huge mish-mash of all sorts of things, as though they were taken from other parks and plopped down here: There’s a toddler climber with tic-tac-toe wall; a large big-kid climber with stairs, tunnels, ladders, rock climbing, bridges and everything in between; big swings, baby swings, adaptive swings, and the new parent-baby swing; dinosaur slide, spider web climber, spring riders, a stand-alone slide, a modern teeter-totter/rocker; a double ride-on crocodile; an old-school metal climbing caterpillar; things to roll on and things to climb, and more.
Most of the equipment is on wood chips, with some on sand, and between all the little sections is scruffy grass. You can take a break on the benches around and there’s a small (sinking) picnic table smack in the middle of the playground.
It is all fenced BUT there is no gate AND the big gates to the municipal parking lot were open (same as when we first visited in 2014)

The splash pad was super duper fun. “I LIKE IT!” said the big kid. The whole area is eye-catching with the colourfully painted concrete base (done by Tennis Mapa Inc.), and the fun nature themed sprayers by Waterplay Solutions Corp. I really, really like this splash pad for younger kids, or those who may be nervous about the water.
My little one enjoyed the toddler area with the lighter bubbly spray from some of the ground jets, the misty flower tunnel and the red and black turny Magnif-Eye Spray. For the more adventurous kids there is a water cannon, tunnels of water, the softly dripping Waterleaf and a creative butterfly sprayer . Lots of benches around (they get wet, don’t put your towels on them!) and some picnic tables with roofs. There is fencing along the road and near the small parking lot, but no gates and it’s open towards the basketball courts and grassy areas. There’s really no shade unless you can find a mini tree or huddle under a picnic table roof. 

The splash pad and playground are NOT right beside each other. You have to go pack up your stuff and go down a little path, and there is no sight line from one to the other. So unless you have much older kids, it’s next to impossible to supervise kids in both areas. Unless you’re super mom, which I am not.
And what’s missing here? A place to change. Really, I just need a couple of walls instead of doing gymnastics in my car. Wet moms make for grumpy moms. (At least in my case 😉 )

L’Île-Perrot – Michel-Martin Park Splash Pad from StrollerMom on Vimeo.

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Fenced toddler park
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Big kid park (5-12)
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